If you are unable to get into the app and need assistance, you can contact the support team two ways:
1. Submit a ticket for the applicable app by completing a ticket form, seen here. (or pressing on the Contact us form at the bottom of the Help center)

2. You can always submit a ticket by using the applicable app-specific support email address listed below:
BUNT - BUNT@topps.com
Disney Collect! - DisneySupport@topps.com
HUDDLE - HUDDLE@topps.com
KICK - KICK@topps.com
Marvel Collect! - Marvel@topps.com 
SLAM - SLAM@topps.com
Star Wars Card Trader - SWCT@topps.com
 SKATE - SKATE@topps.com
Walking Dead Card Trader - TWDCT@topps.com