If you don’t watch your step you could find yourself in a pit of trouble.


Fans can police other Fans in Card Trader using the comment flags. Three flags on one account will alert the mod team who then may enact a suspension if the flags are deserved. We will not tolerate any kind of abuse to the system, so the three flags must be from three different Fans.


For example: "ToppsFan_1” can flag three comments from “ToppsFan_10,” but “ToppsFan_10” will not be suspended. If “ToppsFan_1,” “ToppsFan_2,” and “ToppsFan_3” each flag a comment of “ToppsFan_10,” “ToppsFan_10” will likely be suspended.


Card Trader’s “Three Strike” policy also applies to Fan suspensions themselves. A first suspension is for 24 hours and the second is for 3 days, while the third suspension is a permanent ban.


Believe you were wrongly suspended? Reach out to the Card Trader team for help, we’re all ears. Be warned though, false complaints or issues will not be taken lightly and could also be grounds for action. Abuse of Card Trader’s social media spaces could also be cause for moderator actions.


Have fun!