If you're running into issues seeing an Award card that you've recently claimed or previously claimed, please try the following steps:
  • Clear your app Cache: head to Settings > Cache > Clear
  • Close the application (if you are not familiar with how to manually close/quit an application, please see here: iOS/Android).
  • Re-launch the application
  • Please do either of the following: Open a Pack or Claim a Free Pack
  • Check your collection
Still, having trouble seeing Award cards? Let's double-check your Sort & Filter settings:

As seen in the above, Filters can at times prevent you from viewing your complete collection. To correct this all you need to do is:
  • Tap Sort & Filters button in Collection
  • Scroll down to the Filters section
  • Deselect all currently active Filters (ex: 2012 Cards, 2013 Card, Awards, etc.)
  • Tap Apply
  • Your complete collection should now appear!
If you continue to encounter issues, please see below for the next steps and how to contact Customer Support.