New capabilities and options allow us to provide a more exciting Awards experience! Each Award can provide a wide range of items, however notevery Award will contain all Award items or multiple items. Please make sure you review each Award for what you'll receive for completing the Set.  Potential Award Items:
  • Card(s) - Special Award card(s) which accompany most Awards and allow you to show off your accomplishment, and gives you a desirable item that can be traded if so desired.
  • Trophies - These serve as a record of your accomplishment and can be found under the Trophies tabin Sets & Awards
  • Pack(s) - Pack(s)which can contain special or unique cards as a reward for completing the Set.
  • Currency - Some Awards may be accompanied by currency amounts.
  • Avatars - As an added bonus, some Awards can provide a special Award avatar that may be unique to the users that complete the Set and earn the Award.