Use this list to see if an issue you are experencing in one of our apps is already known! Our team updates ths list weekely and will removed fixed issues after 3 months. The newest issues can be viewed at the top of the page, with more details and or work arounds found below.

Use the statuses below as reference. 

  • Open - the issue is new and has not been investigated yet 
  • In progress- Our team is aware of the issue and either investigating or working towards a fix. 
  • Fixed- The issue has been resolved .


KNOWN Issues: 

Issue: Crashing in Bunt
Affecting: Some Users 
Status: In Progress 
The team is aware that there has been an increase of crashing while playing the BUNT App. We suggest making sure that you have a strong internet and or cellular connection and limit apps running in the background of your device: 

Issue: No Ads and or Videos in apps 
Affecting:  all users  
Status: In Progress 

The team is aware that users are not being served ads and or videos for coins/ lives/ spins etc.  and is investigating.

Issue: Cards appear "active in contest" when Contest has ended 
Affecting:  all users  in Bunt
Status: In Progress

The team is testing a fix to resolve this issue. If you run into this problem, please contact Support via in app chat.