Upgradeable cards are new to the BUNT app for the 2024 season. These cards are ones that are not yet finished and collectors are able to finish their design.

Upgradable Cards start at level 1 and become level 2 or higher by investing set tokens into them through the upgrade process. Upgrading can be found in the crafting/upgrading feature by selecting any Card from the binder. Every level will permanently give the Card a new design trait chosen from a group. The upgrading odds for each trait in our first set, Forge 24, are shown below.

- Upgradable Cards can be leveled up
- Each level costs set tokens to upgrade to
- Every time the card is leveled up a new design element will permanently be added

Upgradable Cards can be gained in Packs that are higher than level 1. If a level 2 or higher Card is gained from a Pack, the traits for each level it is will already be determined on that card as it is collected.
 While lower level cards cannot be traded, all Final level cards can be.

When selecting cards to Burn and Upgrade in the Upgrade Binder, remember that selection are added to whatever is already selected. Because of this, filters can be used to find groups of cards that may want to be upgraded or burned, and add them to the selection all together.

When a card is burned it only yields tokens from its set, and when a card is upgraded it will only use tokens from its respective set.