Heat Index: The heat index feature adds a boost multiplier on selected players based on their previous performance over “X” amount of days/games. It is updated every day at 4:00 AM Eastern Time.

Players are ranked on a leaderboard and placed into a tier. Each tier applies a scoring multiplier boost to players within it for all cards eligible in Contests. Use the Heat Index to help you choose your line-up if you're looking to see who's hot, and who's not!

See below for the tier breakdown:

- On Form (Red): 1.5x boost
- Hot (Orange): 1.25x boost
- Heating-Up (Yellow): 1.1x boost

*NOTE: The number of tiers, names of tiers, color associations and boost multipliers are subject to change. You may have to close the app and re-start it to see the feature.

**Weekly contests take into account the final heat index boost. While it may appear you are losing points for the players whose heat index dropped, you are also gaining points for those whose heat index increases.