Cards and coin packs are available via the STORE. Card packs are available in pack denominations of 1, 3 and 5 cards for base cards. There will also be special packs available in the store for super rare and limited releases.

Packs are purchased using coins. Spending time in the apps, committing certain actions or participating in Contests will help a fan earn coins. Coins may also be purchased in-app via microtransactions (these are handled by Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store depending on your device). Here are some tips for buying cards:
Know Your Series

Each pack of cards draws from a particular pool of fighter cards. These cards are released in series, like Series 1, Series 2, etc. Each pack will list which series of cards that it draws from.

Know Your NFS

Certain cards are “NFS,” or Not For Sale. This means the cards have yet to be released, or have already been released, put on sale, and their limited-edition run is now over. This means that NFS can only be obtained by waiting for it to be put on sale (for cards yet to be released) or through trading (for cards already released and sold out). You will not be able to obtain NFS cards from card packs in the STORE. This also applies for cards that are listed as LIMITED.

You may see cards that are listed as COMING SOON as well. That may be a sneak peek we’re giving you at something we’re planning on releasing shortly, or something that was previously in packs or used as an award that will return at a later date.

Know Your Inserts

Certain card packs come with special insert cards. These can be super-rare cards released in the Series. For instance, Series 2 contains Derek Jeter No. 400, which is SUPER-RARE. Most packs will list the special inserts that are included in the packs.

Know Your Odds

Certain packs might be more expensive than others. Usually, these packs are more expensive because they contain more cards, or odds for special inserts are better, or both. For example, a pack containing 3 cards will be more expensive than a pack containing 1 card. Additionally, a pack where a special insert card has a 1 in 10 chance of pulling it will typically be more expensive than a pack with a 1 in 100 chance of pulling that same insert card.

Know The Boards

Read up on TRADE TALK or in the article comments to understand what other users are pulling. Some packs might feel luckier than others.

Cards in the apps are primarily used to earn PTS and help you climb the leader boards. Cards are also part of different collections of cards that help you earn awards. Awards allow a fan to earn coins and add items to their awards case.