Where can I start a trade?
Trades can be initiated from a few places throughout the apps including directly within Trade, Feed, News, and from your Following/Followers list.

Start a trade for exactly the collectible you want from within the Trade section. From there you'll select your trade partner and what you want to offer.

Hint: the fairer your trade, the better chance you have at having a successful trade exchange with your fellow collectors!
Head to the Trade Feed to find partners and know what your fellow collectors are looking for before starting a trade.

Tap the Trade button on a comment to initiate a trade with the collector and have their comment automatically pulled in for reference during your trade.

Similar to the Trade Feed, you can start trades directly from the comments made in News Articles. Here you can have a more focused and direct trading experience, trading for the collectibles/sets you're looking to acquire!

Following List:
Looking to trade with collectors you've followed in the past? Head to your profile screen and check out your Following list and trade with the friends you've made along the way.

Hint: Have a great trade experience with a collector? Tap on their username and add them to your Following list to trade with them again!