Moderation Policy 
  • Topps App moderators adhere to a “Three Strikes” policy in most cases and are constantly keeping an eye on the feeds. Fans can help keep a good atmosphere by flagging comments, reporting offending users (via user profile > Report), or reporting the bad community member to the Topps App Customer Support team.
  • Consistent abuse of these community guidelines, and/or abuse over multiple accounts, will not be tolerated and will have appropriate action taken.
3 Strikes You're Out
  • Fans can surface issues in Topps Apps by flagging user comments. Three unique flags on one account will alert the Moderation team for review who then may enact a suspension if the flags are warranted. 
  • For example, COLLECTOR_1 can flag three comments from COLLECTOR_10, but COLLECTOR_10 may not be suspended. If COLLECTOR_1, COLLECTOR_2, and COLLECTOR_3 all flag COLLECTOR_10's comment, they may become suspended for an infraction.
  • Card Trader’s “Three Strike” policy also applies to Fan suspensions themselves. A first suspension is for 24 hours and the second is for 3 days, while the third suspension is a permanent ban.
    • Note: The above "three strikes" policy is a courtesy provided to collectors and can be revoked for repeated infractions or extreme abuse.
  • Believe you were wrongly suspended? Reach out to the Card Trader team for help, we’re all ears. Be warned though, false complaints or issues will not be taken lightly and could also be grounds for action. Abuse of Card Trader’s social media spaces could also be a cause for moderator actions.