When Account verification is Activated  You will need to visit https://toppsnfts.com/manage-account?tab=security
  1. Review the information provided and then click on the box to accept the Biometrics Policy.
  2. After reviewing the policy and selecting the box, press begin verification
  3. Gather required documentation and begin the process by pressing start  Accepted documentation includes, passport, license or government issued ID card.
  4. IF you are on a computer, you will be given the option to finish the process on your mobile device by scanning the QR code provided.
  5. You will then need to Scan the Front & Back of your documentation.
  6. After you scan in your documentation, you will then need to take a selfie. Please make sure to follow the directions and remove any masks, glasses and turn off your flash. While taking the selfie you will need to look directly into the camera with your eyes open.  If you are looking elsewhere (down, to the side) or your eyes are closed you will fail KYC and may not be given another opportunity.
  7. Once the documentation and selfie are uploaded to the system you will receive a message that your information has been submitted to be processed. You can then press the red button in the top left corner.
  8. After finishing the verification process your account will show verification information has been submitted
  9. Once your verification information has been approved (can take up to 5 business days), your account will show your identity has been verified. Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to participate in the marketplace and withdraw funds if the option is available to your geographic location.